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Professional Manufacturer Of Various Drone.
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Professional Manufacturer Of Various Drone.

About Us

Reducing labour cost has become easy with the development of Drones. Supporting Agriculture, Power and other industries reduce labour cost is New Landle Technology Co., Ltd., a Jiangsu Sheng, China based manufacturer and exporter. We are a 2006 established, progressive company, catering to requirements of all types of companies in aforesaid sectors for hi-tech Agricultural Drone, Fixed Wing Drone, Wing Power Line Drone, Camera Drone, Industry drone and other drones. Our highly efficient drone range reduces man hours to a great extent, possesses maximum flight time, comes with media storage format and has efficient remote controlling features to handle obstacles. Our range is designed applying new and modern techniques of production. It is the result of our advanced production that we responsibly cater to the needs of numerous buyers in the market. 

Quality Assurance

At New Landle Technology Co., Ltd., we build drones like birds and test them as tanks. All drones, regardless of their technology or application are tested for functionality at extreme high and low temperatures as well as in dusty & windy weather conditions. Our quality controlling team ensures no compromise on quality is made from our end. 

What Are We About?

We are all about:

  • Creating high technology solutions for various industries
  • Encouraging the use of fast and efficient machines for better development of Agricultural Drone, Fixed Wing Drone, Wing Power Line Drone, Camera Drone, Industry drone etc.
  • Focusing on customers requirements and meeting them completely 

Serving Since 2006

We, as a drones production and exporting company are active from more than a decade in this industry. We, since the beginning of our establishment are introducing finest range of drones at industry best prices. Right from our inception, we have been keeping our focus on clients needs and for well-meeting all the needs, we have been employing latest techniques, fast machines and quality best materials.

Fly The Best

We are a design focused and customer oriented company, dedicated to manufacturing fast drone systems for a variety of applications. Our vast range of drones is generations ahead in terms of functional range, endurance, and viewing experience that it renders to users. Our high precision drones assortment containing Agricultural Drone, Fixed Wing Drone, Wing Power Line Drone, Camera Drone, Industry drone to mention a few, is best-in-class, as it delivers high performance and enhances productivity.

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